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Andrew Lucas at the easel.
" Journey to Krasnodar " exhibition.
Mobile gallery wall.

Behind the paintings



Andrew was born and grew up in Salisbury, England, a City surrounded by countryside, rivers and medieval architecture. Through childhood, Andrew showed a keen and unwavering interest in creativity, drawing and art. Into his teens, the interest for art only grew, and this led him to start painting watercolour. He found that the medium was the most expressive for him, and so continued to learn this technique through time and application.

In 2003 Andrew held his first solo exhibition " The Inspirational World " in the Portico Gallery in Salisbury. The exhibition confirmed his desire to pursue his artistry further. Later that year, Andrew relocated to Devon where he still lives today. Through the following years, Andrew was involved in various projects and exhibitions which allowed more people to see his work.

In the summer of 2019, Andrew held his first solo international exhibition in the City of Krasnodar by kind invitation of the Cities Mayor. Having his work exposed to the international audience, has encouraged him to continue to build new international works and collections, with a view of continuing to hold more international shows.

In the Autumn of 2022, Andrew was invited to showcase a new collection of Salisbury paintings in a major solo exhibition at Salisbury Museum. Held for 12 weeks, it was the first solo exhibition that Andrew held in Salisbury since his debut in 2003. It proved to be a very special exchange, and allowed his hometown to once again see his work.

Over the years, Andrew has had the opportunity to share his work in several UK and international art and cultural publications. He has also been commissioned for a childrens book and medical training publication, each offering their own ways to explore Andrews work.

Andrew continues to create new work and collections, motivated by his desire to capture these subjects, to exhibit and share them with the wider audience. He hopes that his work may continue to evoke real emotion and allow a deeper interest and appreciation of familiar scenes. Through his exchange of expression, he aims to allow the audience to see our world through his observation.  





Andrew Lucas

" Through the many years of creating work through my artistry, I have endeavored to allow a glimpse into the world that I see, with the hope of offering beauty through both familiar and yet unknown scenes, I hope you enjoy the paintings "

Andrew Lucas Logo
Andrew Lucas Signature.
Early start on the tram, Krasnodar.
Market Day, Salisbury, England
The Village Church.
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